Enchanting designs inspired by nature. Cat Toys, Ceremonial Tools, Smudge Fans and MORE

LOVE is the ultimate goal of each soul. When loved, we become part of the One Source, the All That Is.LIGHT is the spark of existence, the spiritual wonder. When the Universe was formed, the Creator spoke Light into it. Where there is light, no darkness can be found.

'Out of darkness comes the light'. I understand this all too well, having lost both my husband and father to terminal illnesses within a year and three months of each other. My whole world had changed and all that I once believed was important, no longer held meaning. For the first time in my life, I started asking the really tough questions. Who was I exactly? Who was 'the me' that was buried under all the years of being who everyone else needed me to be? Who did I want to become? What did I want to do with the rest of my life? Literally, hundreds of questions surfaced as I began the road to uncovering my lost self. So in a very important way, my husband and father's death drove me to find purpose. I consider it the greatest gift they could have left for me.

Mother Earth in her healing magic, comforted and inspired me as I walked through my grief. I sought pleasure in all things woodsy and wild; of land, sea, and sky. My creative pursuits became the healing salve and the impetus for Love and Light Gifts.My designs are inspired by nature's extraordinary beauty; earthy and fresh, restored yet aged, complex yet simple. Every piece is fashioned from found treasures collected along the island shores and forests I frequent. It is in these revered retreats, that I am renewed and my creative vision begins. Each item is unique; speaking their own artistic expression as if by mystical enchantment. Crystals, bone work, feathers and more, are styled while I’m deep in the creative flow, working as one, in spirit with the elements. Upon completion, a final blessing is bestowed prior to leaving my workshop; flowing with gratitude to the receiver, a beacon of LIGHT full of LOVE.

HOW I PICK WOOD FOR MY DESIGNS:When foraging for wood for my designs, I like to keep things raw and real. I look for pieces that have unique angles and markings. I have found these things add interesting detail and seem to speak of their journey. I purposefully keep the character of wood to preserve the individual history…their story of transformation. This is the true energy we feel when holding the piece, life continuing even in death. Why sand away the precious evidence of life from each piece of wood when the beauty of its journey is marked so clearly on the surface. I imagine what the wood would say if it could tell me it’s story. Was it cast ashore by a terrible storm after being adrift on the sea? Would it speak of its role as refuge for tiny sea life in the making of its new exterior? Was it once a vibrant limb of a majestic oak that broke away, laying on the forest bed now marked by tracks of hungry ants? All waiting for my discovery; waiting to be admired; waiting for someone to recognize the beauty manifest on the exterior.

WHY WE LOVE FEATHERS:Feathers are sacred symbols of freedom, flight, power and protection. Smudge feathers/wings are often used in ceremonial practices to clear away negative energy; but they can do so much more! You can use Feather Fans in healing sessions, meditations, prayer sessions, channeled writings or any time you want to connect to Spirit. 

HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR FEATHER FANImagine your feather/wing fan as a new creation, alive with Spirit, full of love and wisdom. As you hold your fan, feel it’s earthy goodness and know that love was poured into it and flows from it in neverending quantities. Become one with your new fan, blending into the Great Source to activate it as yours. As you wave your fan, feel yourself being carried away with the breeze. Freedom calls you to loosen the restraints of human thinking as you travel to places not yet explored or considered. In this place of freedom, you are found, rediscovered, perhaps even rescued. This magical flight, allows you to see things from the highest perspective. From these lofty heights, clarity reveals the truth in what was clouded from the earthbound view. As you soar and spiral in flight, all that you have struggled with falls away, allowing you to transcend higher and higher on Wisdom’s wings. As the final breeze touches your face, imagine yourself wrapped in Spirit’s powerful, protective wings. All that once caused confusion has cleared away, leaving you cradled in peaceful calm. Nurtured, protected, healed and loved. 

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